HEF - India

HEF started its operations during 1953 in France and their main area of activity was Surface Engineering through their several R&D efforts. 

Since deterioration of all the materials & Components start with Surface, HEF through their several Surface Engineering R&D Projects, came out with lot of processes, Products & Technologies to improve the Physical & metallurgical properties of materials, Parts & Components made from all types steels & Cast Iron.

Having invented & patented many Processes & Products, HEF introduced these technologies in the industries for the benefit of all types of Industries and for the benefit of entire mankind as a whole.

They have solutions to reduce/totally eliminate any type of Surface Problems like Wear, Corrosion, friction, scuffing, seizure etc. These time tested solutions enhance the life of the components & parts by 3 to 4 times than conventionally manufactured parts.

The surface Properties are very much improved by:

Chemically and structurally transforming the surface of the component to yield the desired set of properties.


Depositing ultra-thin layers of hard materials with the desired set of physical properties onto the surface of the component.

HEF offers both Jobbing Service as well as some products as below:

1.  Jobbing services of Liquid Nitriding, Nitro Carburising & Oxy nitriding –Arcor, Melonite, QPQ, Tenifer & Tufftride treatments

2.  Solid film lubrication coatings

3.  Jobbing services of the state of the art PVD/DLC Technology 

4.  High performance Bushings

5.  Chemicals for Liquid nitriding & Oxidising and other Heat treatment Salts